Nothing can turn a beautiful day into a complete freak show quite like a bridezilla. Whether it’s being the center of attention or getting second thoughts about the future, some people lose all touch with reality when their big day gets really close.

Recently, one bride-to-be caused outrage online. You see, after her bridesmaid got cancer, the woman began worrying about the ways it will affect the aesthetic of the wedding and its photos.

The bridesmaid confronted the ‘douchebaggette’ via texts and told her she won’t be attending the wedding. She also used the opportunity to tell the delusional lady what she thinks about her after she showed her true colors.

After screenshots of their conversation went viral on Imgur, people began congratulating the ex-bridesmaid on handling the situation like a savage pro and wishing her luck with the treatment. Let’s second that, shall we?

When this bridezilla asked her bridesmaids for advice on how to get rid

This bridezilla was worried her bridesmaid with cancer would ruin the aesthetic of the wedding, so she asked for advice on how to deal with it

However, word eventually reached the woman in question, so she decided to tell the delusional lady what she thinks of her true colors

The person who shared the screenshots clarified that they wasn’t involved in the conflict themselves. “The bridesmaid called out the bride for her hateful behavior by posting their conversation on Facebook,” the wrote. “I thought I was pretty desensitized to terrible people doing and saying terrible people things but this shocked me a little so I took screenshots of the post and uploaded them here.”

“As far as it being fake, I can say with absolute certainty that the bridesmaid does have cancer but since they’re not my texts, I have no way of proving whether the conversation occurred or not. From what I saw, the post seemed legit but that’s just me. I felt like she was being genuine but you never know with this kind of thing online. So I readily admit that the convo being fake certainly is a possibility.”

Here’s what people said about the whole ordeal