Who knew that everyday toys could be such great models? Internationally acclaimed photographer Jeff Friesen used possibly the most famous toy in the world, LEGO bricks, to recreate famous art pieces by well-known street artist Banksy. He calls these series Bricksy, explaining on his page, that “Bricksy is an edgy, underground LEGO street artist. He is rumored to have inspired Banksy’s iconic works, or is that the other way around?” Friesen not only cleverly uses little LEGO pieces to recreate Banksy’s art, he also adds a humorous touch of his own.

This is not the only LEGO project he has created. He has a whole page dedicated to his LEGO photography, called The Brick Fantastic. If you like this series, be sure to check out his LEGO-inspired 50 states of America!

More info: thebrickfantastic.com (h/t: mymodernmet.com)