We’re sure you have already heard of this viral trend of recreating childhood photos. A while ago we wrote about a photographer Irina Werning with her creative Back To The Future photo series, and about two brothers hilariously recreating their favorite childhood photos, both of which turned out to be a real hit. After that some figured out that these photos can be a great gift for your loved ones or a great excuse to act like children again, even if for a little while, and so the trend was born.

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We collected a list of 30 most creative and funny childhood photo recreation shots for you to feel some childhood nostalgia or to be inspired to create your own series.

Father and son

Source:  then-and-now-photos.tumblr.com

Two brothers and their cousins in a tub

Image credits: Pacificfrim

10 years apart

Image credits: imgur.com

Family 22 years apart

Source: zefrank.com

Two brothers and sister

Image credits: RUSirius7

Loving pasta then and now

Image Credits: mmmpotpie

Cecile 23 years apart (1987 & 2010, France)

Image credits: Irina Werning

Mother and son

Image credits: unknown

Leanne 29 years apart (1982 & 2011, New York)

Image credits: Irina Werning

Together for 50 years (1961 & 2012)

Source: Tumblr

Meeting Hulk Hogan

Source: reddit

Father and son 28 years apart

Image Credits: unknown

Taylor & Josh 15 years apart

Image credits: PowdersvilleBeast

Christoph 21 years apart (1990 & 2011, Berlin Wall)

Image credits: Irina Werning

Pizza and burger 18 years later

Image credits: chuckhooperjnr

20 years apart

Image credits: olias32

Father and son 60 years apart (1949 – 2009)

Image credits: Voyage-voyage

Mechi 20 years apart (1990 & 2010, Buenos Aires)

Image credits: Irina Werning

Brother and sister still love playing in the sand

Source: zefrank.com

15 years apart

Image credits: schwatyousay

The white T-shirt guy

Image credits: yz125

Best friends 29 years apart

Source: then and now

17 years apart

Source: zefrank.com

Family portrait in a red van

Image credits: Sarah Bradshaw

Three brothers 29 years apart (1984 – 2013, Texas)

Source: imgur.com

Still sitting on the toilet

Source: zefrank.com

Two brothers 20 years apart

Image credits: naythd

Father and his kids 23 years apart

Source: elmeme

Johanes 17 years apart (1994 -2011, Hamburg)

Image credits: Irina Werning

13 years later

Source: imgur