Polish artist Agnieszka Nienartowicz is tricking people into thinking she’s creating photographs. For example, when you look at one of her latest painting ideas, ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights,’ you might think it’s a picture of a girl with the famous 15th-century painting tattooed on her back. But you’d be wrong. It’s a painting within a painting, blending the work of Hieronymus Bosch, a forefather of the Northern Renaissance, with a contemporary-feeling form, the tattoo art.

“I like to [see] the world precisely [as it is],” Nienartowicz told Bored Panda. “I look at things, focusing on the details and it shows in my oil paintings. I have never taken anything lightly.”

Deeply interested in man’s internal emotions and conflicts, Nienartowicz found the classical painting done by Bosch as the perfect way to share her message. “Humans are full of contrasts and contradictions, they want to do good and instead they do evil,” Agnieszka said. “Sin and the will of evil are like inscribed in our beings, written inside us. I wanted to translate it into the language of beautiful paintings. I connected my thoughts and reflections with the Bosch’s triptych, which speaks of human nature. I love this painting, it is so strange, weird and beautiful at the same time.”

“The unique artworks that I choose, even though they are only objects, seem alive to me as witnesses of the thoughts of their authors and the times in which they were created.” Agnieszka thinks this point of view helps her to establish a dialogue with classical art from the past.

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“The Garden of Earthly Delights” is an incredible piece created by a Polish artist Agnieszka Nienartowicz

Agnieszka already built a fan base of her works merely two years after graduating the Fine Art Academy of Gdansk

And with her latest piece, she decided to play with a classic art and turn give it a more modern form

Inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights”

“I was thinking about human nature, about sin and the will of evil which are inscribed in our being, like written inside us”

But what you might not notice at first is that it’s not only a beautifully realized tattoo…

It’s actually a photo-realistic painting, blending the work of the forefather of the Northern Renaissance, with a contemporary-feeling art form, the tattoo

As she says herself: “Maybe it is also a kind of a tribute to the Old Masters?”