We normally think of cyberpunk cities as highly-densified, neon-lit East Asian metropolises in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea.

But today, I want to introduce the world to the lost cyberpunk megalopolis of Metro Manila. It has high-tech, low-life, and even the aesthetics to boot. From glowing megacorporate skyscrapers to the dark arcades of the city’s underbelly, Manila makes for a perfect cyberpunk setting.

Growing up, I’ve always been obsessed with futuristic settings in sci-fi movies and video games, especially in the cyberpunk sub-genre. There’s just something about neon lights and noir environments that made me fall in love with the aesthetic. One year ago, I decided to teach myself photography and started the Instagram account @led.noir.manila as a worldbuilding project based around the idea of experiencing my hometown as a cyberpunk city.

It’s been a long journey so far. I still haven’t explored much of Metro Manila, but there will be many more photoshoots in the future.

Here are some of my best and favorite pictures from the past year.

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#1. Glowing skyscrapers of Makati CBD, as viewed from the pedestrian overpass.

#2. Bonifacio Global City (BGC) at street level. The city of the future.

#3. Rockwell Center’s neon nights during the Christmas season.


#4. Alabang Terminal during a typhoon. Reminds me of Blade Runner.


#5. Stormy monsoon night in downtown Binondo.

#6. Neon lights of Gateway Mall in Araneta City.

#7. Benilde HiFi Campus in Malate looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

#8. More sci-fi architecture at Conrad Manila Hotel in MOA Complex, Pasay City.


#9. The Podium at Ortigas, with a façade combining wall gardens and neon lights.

#10. Speaking of Ortigas, here’s some futuristic vibes at the elevated plaza.


#11. EDSA is my favorite place to shoot. Here’s the typical evening rush hour at Muñoz.

#12. North EDSA concrete jungle. It’s no secret that this highway is notorious for traffic.

#13. Guadalupe, the billboard capital of the Philippines.


#14. Rush hour at Aurora, with commuters lining up to hail jeepney rides.

#15. University Belt? More like Condominium Belt. España Boulevard in Sampaloc.

#16. Ermita in the rain. Those lights produce some beautiful reflections on the streets.

#17. Cubao’s red light district with motels and “massage” services.


#18. Dapitan Street in Sampaloc. Condos, coffee shops, and co-working spaces.

#19. The neon-lit dining and entertainment district of Tomas Morato.

#20. Nightclubs and restaurants in the nightlife district of Timog Avenue.

#21. Muntinlupa Public Market, also known as Alabang Palengke.

#22. Dystopian scenery at Arayat, Cubao.

#23. Carriedo street markets during a rainy night.

#24. A street food stall at Avenida (Rizal Avenue).

#25. Garment shops and carinderias (eateries) along the sidewalks of Aurora.


#26. The hidden overpass in Shaw Boulevard Station, Mandaluyong.

#27. The seedy neon-lit underbelly of Recto and Quezon Boulevard. Japan and Hong Kong may have alleys with neon signs, but Manila has these arcaded walkways.

#28. After a bit of exploring further, here’s a dark corridor in Avenida. Gritty noir vibes right here.

#29. A dirty alley in Quiapo after the street markets have closed for the night.

#30. Arcades and alleys in Project 7, more commonly known as Muñoz.