Like most twins, Florence Davies and Glenys Thomas are devoted to each other. But their devotion is exceptional – they have stayed inseparable for 103 years! These lovely sisters lived through both world wars and are now considered to be the oldest living twins in the world.

Florence and Glenys have been living a very quiet life in Caerphilly, South Wales. They have never left their village since November 22, 1911 – the day they were born. They’ve taken care of each other, bought identical clothes, and lived through their happiest times together.

(h/t: dailymail, mirror)

7-year-olds Florence (left) and Glenys (right)

Glenys (left) and Florence (right) at the age of 21. They worked for wealthy people cleaning their homes

Glenys married William Scrivens and was the first to leave home

25-year-old Florence with her baby

The sisters celebrating Christmas at the age of 68

Florence and Glenys celebrating their 70th birthday

Their mother Margaret and father John