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What If Models From Classic Paintings Were Real?

19-year-old Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi wonders where some of the greatest artists got their inspirations from, and imagines what their muses could’ve looked like if they were real people. In her Real Life Models photo manipulation series, Flora recreates the distorted features from classic paintings by such artists as Rudolf Hausner, Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso and Kees van Dongen, and that way brings some very surreal-looking people to the real world.

“Nowadays almost every photographer use graphics software to complete the picture, like many painters used ‘original version’ in the past. Some artists use pure imagination to paint their artworks, others may prefer to create art by using a real life model as reference for the anatomy. What if these abstract models were real people?” asks Flora. Definitely a fresh and creative take on classic art!

Website: behance, facebook

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  • Caira West via Facebook

    I’d love to see their version of Picasso’s models!

  • Kristina Avetisyan via Facebook


  • Sally Papps via Facebook

    something to aim for next, Claudia Walker ?

  • Nathalie Dubus via Facebook

    J’adore Van Dongen ! Je préfère les peintures tout de même…

  • Nicolas Noclass Jonasson via Facebook

    w o w

  • Yayu Niversal via Facebook

    thanks :)

  • Reynolds MJ via Facebook