Recently, more and more people have started building their own tiny homes, and it’s pretty understandable why – it’s cheaper, you can move it around, and it’s also a great creative task to try to fit everything into a very small space and still make it look good. Unfortunately, these tiny homes are not as safe, and in the event of great fires, this type of house can be eaten by flames in seconds. Furthermore, it is difficult to receive insurance for these types of homes if you plan to do plumbing and electricity by yourself.

On November 8th, deadly wildfires spread across California

With 77 civilian fatalities and more than 12 thousand structures destroyed, it is considered to be one of the biggest and most tragic wildfires in the history of California. Even though firefighters, paramedics, and volunteers fight every day to help the victims of this terrible event, the fires have still tragically affected many people, resulting in the loss of their properties or even their loved ones. One family, who moved to Malibu on February, 2018 recently shared their heartbreaking story on losing their tiny house in these wildfires.

Image credits: Kevin

“I moved to Malibu in February, 2018 to be closer to my new wife. We loved living tiny even with our big German Shepherd,” said the man under the nickname iclearlyhavetissues while sharing his story.

The family decided to live in a tiny house due to insane rent prices in LA. As of 2017, the average price of rent in Malibu was around $8903.

The owner says he connected with the ranch owner in Malibu and offered to work for him if he could keep the tiny house on his land, and the man agreed.

“I had help painting from family in Tulsa and they let me finish building it on their land. I did all the framing, siding, plumbing, electrical, flooring etc. all by myself.”

The couple moved into their new home quickly after getting married.

Unfortunately, on November 8th, Malibu was shaken by the horrible Woolsey fires that destroyed many peoples’ properties, including this family’s incredible tiny house.

“We lost everything we have ever owned”

In a heartbreaking message, the user says that although he lost his beautiful home, he did not lose anyone that truly mattered to him, which is his wife and their pet.

“I could have moved it but I was working at a local rehab center when the fires spread and I was trying to get everything the kids there, they needed to be evacuated safely. By the time I had the kids out it was raining ash and smoke was everywhere so I told my wife to just grab the dog and leave.”

Although many people have offered their help and even suggested to create a GoFundMe page, the family says they have made a personal decision to receive help from only the people who know them. “It’s been humbling to see so many generous people in my life.”