As most of the world is in quarantine due to doctors and health officials recommending social distancing or, even better, to self isolate if possible, nature is finding ways to claim back cities all over the world. We’ve already witnessed a lot of marvelous examples of nature getting back what’s rightfully hers, such as clearing up Venice’s canals.

We’ve also seen some wholesome human effort to make the lives of animals living among us at least a little bit more enjoyable and letting them roam as free as possible and meet other animals. This story is kinda continuing the same thread, only this time, the only help the animals needed from humans was to clear out the whole town in order for them to roam free. And the coronavirus lockdown became the perfect opportunity.

The coastal town of Llandudno in Wales became quite empty due to the UK being under coronavirus lockdown

Image credits: AndrewStuart

This pack of wild Kashmiri goats saw that as a perfect opportunity and claimed the streets for themselves to roam freely

Image credits: AndrewStuart

They seem to be quite enjoying city life, strolling down the streets and munching on some hedges

Usually, the herd of around 120 goats only come down from the nearby Great Orme headland in extremely bad weather

However, it appears they couldn’t miss this opportunity since all the humans locked themselves up at home

Image credits: AndrewStuart

Manchester Evening News video and web producer Andrew Stuart has been documenting the town takeover

He’s taken over the role of “goat corespondent” as he calls himself now and is constantly posting new updates on Twitter

Image credits: AndrewStuart

Stuart said he originally called the police on the goats last week for not being the best citizens, starting riots, and snacking on hedges

However, it seems he later had a change of heart