The release of World of Warcraft Classic has brought a lot of people back to this game now. Inspired by this game our 3D printing studio “3Demon” based in Prague, decided to design a ‘Ragnaros’ lamp.

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The figure is 3D printed in two colors, one for the rocks and one for the lava and flames. The curvy molten lava parts contrast the spiky rock pieces in shape and color. The whole figure is hollow so that LED lights can be installed inside. The lights illuminate the translucent parts which make them look like fire.

From idea to the finished lamp it took about 2 months to design and test several versions. Now, when the design is finished, it takes about 30 hours to print the pieces.

If you know someone who has a 3D printer you can print it from the 3D files that are for sale for $14 on the 3Demon website.

After a lot of positive reactions on Reddit and people asking where they can buy it printed, 3Demon decided to release it as a 3D printed kit which you can buy on their Etsy store for $89.

This particular lamp was printed with Fillamentum PLA filaments that are made from corn starch. The kit comes in 6 different color variations.