My sister, like many people of her generation, is a massive Harry Potter fan. She was one of the kids who pulled sickies to read the books the day they came out.

It didn’t take long, therefore, before I decided that she needed her own wand. Unfortunately, I came across a few problems: firstly I wanted this to be her wand, and all I could find were replicas of other people’s wands. Secondly, most of the wands I found weren’t even made of actual wood and those that didn’t have a core. How can you have a wand with no core?

As the internet had failed me I decided I needed to make her a wand that was not only made of real wood, but that actually had a core inside as well, something that would be unique and significant to her. As you can see below, since then I’ve got a bit carried away…

Now my Sister and I make a whole range of wands and related products, from ready-to-buy pre-made items through to spectacular fully bespoke commissions, and everything is still handmade by us, right here in Cambridge, England.

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When I was not able to find a wand to buy for my sister, I decided to make one

Every single thing we made is handmade by us – me and my sister

Wands are made from actual wood

All of our wands have cores which slot inside them and are removeable so you can take them out and see them whenever you want

A close up of one of our cores. This one contains cornflower and marigold petals for a very summery contrast

Some of our wands, like this American walnut wand, have a copper inlay

Another close up of our core. This one was inspired by my walk home from the train station through some particularly crunchy leaves

Another one of our wands and one of our favourites

Sometimes “wizzards” want unique wands like this one with a hand-carved ‘pistol-grip’ style handle

Some of our ready-to-buy wands with their cores