Just look at him! This pup is obviously a comedy genius. But what joke did he tell? Write the funniest joke on the image and make our day!

The rules are:
1. Download the original image;
2. Write a fitting joke in white letters.


#5 What's Brown And Sticky?

What's Brown And Sticky?


Alexandru Diaconescu 2 years ago

No $#it.

#7 Tequila



Alannah Fletcher 1 year ago

Daaaadddd jooookkkeeeesss! :(

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#14 El Classico

El Classico


Samantha P 1 year ago

Translate plz!!! So I can laugh at the joke!!

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#17 Naughty Dr. Pepper

Naughty Dr. Pepper


Antonia 2 years ago

These are the best! ;D

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#19 Why Did Little Johnny Drop His Ice Cream Cone?

Why Did Little Johnny Drop His Ice Cream Cone?


Panda Man 1 year ago

(•)_(•) Kinda messed up, but very good.

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