On Friday morning, Hurricane Florence, formed in the Atlantic, arrived at the southeastern United States affecting the state of North Carolina. It has been demoted to category 1, yet the extreme weather still provoked terrible floods and strong storm surge in the region.

To illustrate how devastating the hurricane season can be, The Weather Channel has prepared a virtual reality view, which was presented last Thursday, 13th September.

A virtual scenario weather report was set up in which meteorologists Greg Postel and Ericka Navarro were surrounded by water to demonstrate what it would feel like to be in the midst of a storm. This was made possible by a partnership with an augmented reality company The Future Group which used the Unreal Engine – a popular game development platform (used in games such as Street Fighter V, Fortnite and A Way Out).

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On 14th September, category 1 hurricane Florence reached North Carolina provoking terrible floods

The Weather Channel created an augmented reality demonstration which depicted a frightening worst case scenario forecast

The grimmest forecasts claim that the hurricane could bring about floods reaching 3 meters in high

Take a look at the demonstration in the video below: