We love to set off on an adventure. One of our favorite thrills – Feeling completely disoriented, far from our roots, discover other ways of life. Learning to live near nature and as far as possible of a holiday club or fast food.

We want to show you the view of the Baliem valley in West Papua, this place is almost pristine, not accessible by road, only by blacklisted airline.

Why did I go there? To get a real lesson of life in wet landscapes (with big spiders!), accompanied by pygmies who walk barefoot where we sometimes have trouble with our shoes. Live with rhythm of nature, always surrounded by resourceful and strong people that teach us how to live better.

We are Philomène and Alexandre, french travel bloggers, and we hope we’ll hit the road soon.

More info: globe-trotting.com

We walked through large spaces

We made encounters along the way

We had stunning views

We walked many hours from one village to another

We borrowed reassuring bridges

We met saleswomen every 2 hours walk

We were welcomed in the villages

Sometimes we slept in a church

We woke up in Baliem Valley

Children were adorable and resourceful

We met nice and funny people

It was an unforgettable destination