Manos likes to take pictures of things he finds interesting, especially little details he notices or beautiful skies. I like sketching and drawing things I find worth of depicting.

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One day as I was scrawling down at Mano's Instagram pictures, I found myself building stories out of the images I was seeing. So I made some print screens and started sketching on them with my digital pen. When he saw the result, he said we should work on this project in a larger scale and go for an exhibition. And we did it! We named the project "A jotty stroll in the land of meaning". It is an ongoing project that combines two mediums that have parallel but also intersected ways, using tools such as associative thought and humor.


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We Used Photography And Illustration To Make These Humorous And Surrealistic Images With A Bit Of Uncanny Aftertaste


Luna 1 year ago

This is incredibly beautiful. Awesome!