Milestone birthdays are a big deal for many. They are symbolic of life-changing events and this makes them special and unique. Some milestone birthdays are well known, your 1st birthday is exciting because it’s the first one, your 18th birthday is the first time you can drink legally and vote (UK), and so on.

Some milestone birthdays, while they feel special to us, the reason behind their significance is somewhat blurred. Take 30 for example, it’s not really a life-changing age compared to others but society has made it a big deal. Same with 25, OK it’s your mid-twenties but it’s not really a reason to go big. Well, it wasn’t anyway.

Vanilla Reindeer have taken the main birthday milestones from the first half-century, combined them with a fun fact (the obscure ages have a more quirky fact) and presented them in an alternative birthday card visual. Because using 1,909 rolls of toilet paper by aged 25 is worth celebrating, right?!

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Age 25

Age 30