The island of Madeira belongs to Portugal, but a thousand kilometers of the Atlantic Ocean separates it from the mainland. This is why the inhabitants of the island need to be conscious of the resources they have and trash they produce. A non-profitable association Teatro Metaphora, situated in the town of Câmara de Lobos in Madeira, organizes projects to promote a sustainable lifestyle and often chooses artistic representation. This year the group came up with another visual form. During six month, volunteers of the association collected emptied beverage cans from local bars, cut them and further used to create street decoration. It now embellishes doors and windows in the street where the association resides. An approximate calculation shows that more than 25 000 cans were processed by the volunteers. The street decoration is dedicated to the festivities of São Pedro, celebrated in summer, and supported by the local municipality.

Last year Teatro Metaphora conveyed the same message – responsible attitude towards environment – through another form, as Boredpanda wrote before: the team picked up 133 old washing machine from trash and put them to illuminate the street.

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Our non-profitable association Teatro Metaphora organizes projects to promote a sustainable lifestyle and often chooses artistic representation

The volunteers worked for six month collecting, cutting and gluing cans

We created doors and windows with images of famous people and characters

Each image is constructed with hundreds of cans

Mountains of cans stored for the project shows how much trash we produce only by habitual beverage drinking

We hope to attract people’s attention through the colorful message