I wanted to embark on a pan-America painting trip. You know – build my own camper van, live on electricity generated from solar panels, and most importantly – staying a little off the grid to paint my heart out. Though I previously lived in America for close to a decade, this dream was never fulfilled and it is becoming more distant as time goes by.

Recently, I decided to take action and contacted various organizations for sponsorship. Unfortunately, none of them that I contacted could envision the potential of my trip, and all declined to offer assistance.

Unable to fulfill my dream road trip (in America), I scaled down my ambition and painted the places that I hope to visit in my Sketchbook. For a lack of a better name, I called these my “Perfect Sketches”. These sketches took me more than a month to complete.

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Chinatown, NYC

Redwood national park, California

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, NYC

MacArthur Burney Falls, California

Somewhere in Texas

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Garden Of The Gods, Colorado

Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Oregon Coast

Falling Water, Pensylvania

Saint Mary Lake, Montana

Chinatown, San Francisco

Yellowstone, Wyoming

Pascadena City, Los Angeles

Ruby beach, Washington

Somewhere in America