My name is Kate and I’m a watercolor painter and soap maker. Usually, at the end of the year, I challenge myself to create watercolor calendars for the upcoming year. I love painting landscapes and that’s why the theme of my calendars are sights and beautiful places of the world: some of them are very popular and some are even unheard of.

I had to paint 12 paintings featuring 12 countries in less than two months. I made such calendar a year ago and this time my task was a little bit harder: I wanted to paint 10 new countries. And so the task was successfully completed!

Why are there only 10 new countries? Because I decided to repeat two countries: Malta and Myanmar; the first one is my favorite and the second one I was asked to repeat.

So I hope you’ll enjoy the paintings!

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1. January – Riga, Latvia

2. February –Blausee lake, Switzerland

3. March – Saint Michael’s Mount, France

4. April – Spain Square, Seville, Spain

5. May – Birgu, Malta

6. June – Kokkari village, Greece

7. July – Bagan, Myanmar

8. August – Isle of Skye, Scotland

9. September – Flower fields on the island of Hokkaido, Japan

10. October – Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

11. November – Moritzburg Castle, Germany

12. December – The City of Brussels, Belgium