My name is Sven Signe den Hartogh and I'm a Dutch visual artist working mainly in Photography, Painting, and Film.

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I started playing video-games at a very young age and this never stopped, my love for games grew at a certain moment into a fanatic hobby that of playing competitively for a couple of years. I won several titles in national and world championships with different games.

After a few years, I noticed that my interest also went to other things such as the creation of art. I self-taught myself how to take photos and within half a year I was able to work fulltime as a photographer for various brands, magazines, and festivals in various countries.

Till this day I continue to do so with much passion and love for the craft but I felt like there was something missing. I wanted to combine my love for video-games with the urge to express himself.

Playing video-games did not meet that need and therefore I was looking for an alternative way to apply a form of creation into the beautiful worlds that games offer. As a photographer, I look very different to the world and I'm able to capture the wonderful creation of game developers in a different way. I focus on cinematic shots as well as aesthetic beauty, finding a fine mix between breathtaking action but also the serene power of games. I believe that good screenshots can capture the essence of a video-game and can really trigger a certain enthusiasm with the public.

I use my Xbox Console as the camera and all photos are captured directly in the game using the present photo-mode. None of the images are digitally enhanced in any way.

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