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I Watercolor Extremely Detailed Automotive Images
User submission

I Watercolor Extremely Detailed Automotive Images


Some argue these are illustrations, but since I painted them, I reckon they are paintings. If they are published, which many have been, then they are created to illustrate a story, their value then is well, debatable.

I have painted many and various types of transport, from aircraft, boats, cars and motorcycles. These images show just a few examples of the type of work that I do. I enjoy tackling most automotive subjects, that is anything with an engine.

I always paint in watercolours and still use the old fashioned paint brushes, pen and pencil method. No computer enhanced drawings or paintings, no hi-tec wizardry. So, it is a slow and painstaking process but hey, life’s to good to rush through it anyway!

More info:

A Harley Davidson (circa 1950s)

Bugatti Type 51a & 51

An Indian Scout

AC Aceca


Vincent Black Lightning

1936 Alfa Romeo P3

Sopwith Tri-Plane

Grindley Peerless


A Pair Of Auto Union Type C&D

Ariel Square 4


Massey Ferguson Tractor

Eearly Indian Scout

Morgan 4/4 & Plus 8


Wicko Aircraft

Vincent HRD Racer

Self Portrait



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