We hiked for 5 days through valleys and passes to reach this village in a remote region of Sakartvelo (Georgia). For centuries Ushguli has been the seat of power. Set in the topmost reaches of the Enguri valley beneath the snow-covered massif of Mt Shkhara (5193m), Georgia’s highest peak. It is here, during the golden age of Georgia, Tamar the Great, the Queen of Georgia had the summer and winter castles. Even now you can still find the towers still standing protecting the region. However, not much else of the castle is left.


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Ushguli In All Its Beauty

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The majority of the Ushguli of today is in essence 4 villages combined into one. The final destination for the few who walk the old way from Mestia. It is old and almost unchanged since the time the Tartars ruled the world. The moment you see it you can feel like it is a portal to the time that was. However at the same time slowly it is being changed to the time that is now.

Tamara The Great Tower

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And the only thing that never truly changes are the mountains surrounding the village. Like guardians trying to protect this esoteric place.

Chazhashi Village – Portected By Unesco

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Is a charming place where you can truly feel like you are back in time. Walking unpaved roads, with pigs and chickens and horses running around and shit and dirt mixed together.

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Image credits: numi.world

However, now, everything is changing, slowly, but changing. But for now, it is still a place of wonder. Where you can be a witness to this change. Where you can experience the old and the new. Where you can see a child of 6 years old riding a horse across town and at the same time cars passing by. You can see the older generation riding horses to shepherd the cows while playing with the phones. Where you can see ancient houses with satellites and tv. Where the older people still uphold the ancient traditions and are trying to keep the younger one to not forget it.

It will stay like that for a while, slowly transforming. Not to fast, since 6 months of the year are often impassable. Thus the changes will not happen immediately but over time with the improvement of life in the region.