We are a group of Lithuanian artists who use hand-picked crystals and minerals, fallen tree timber and tree mushrooms to make one of a kind night lamps.

We collect fallen tree timber in wild Lithuanian forests and harvest tree mushrooms there. With white LEDs, we light the crystals. These night lamps are widely known for their hypnotizing abilities and may cause sleepiness.

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Yes, fluorite does look like a pair of tiny pyramids (octahedrons).

Every night lamp has been tested on humans and uncontrollably gazed upon for quite some time.

Tangerine quartz emits this fiery glow when turned on.

Bracket fungus is a kind of mushroom that grows on living or dead trees. When dry, it has wood-like qualities and can be used in many ways, for instance, they fuse it with natural crystals and wood to make a night lamp that looks amazing, both natural and magical.