After delving in to the top drawers of the UK’s top real creatives, professional network for the creative industries Hiive has now turned it’s attention to the must-have tools of the trade of our favourite fictional creatives.

We worked with award winning photographer Harry Mitchell on the series. Special attention has been paid to ensure the props are spot on for each character – we’re fans of these programmes and films, and wanted the series to be true to the inspiration.

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Peter Parker, Spiderman

Camera & Film: for snapping New York’s elusive superhero | Spiderman Mask: for disguising his true identity | Book on radioactivity: as a scientist, it’s only natural for Peter Parker to want to learn more about his condition | Glasses: to put people off the scent

Bridget Jones, Bridget Jones’ Diary

Diary: Bridget’s confidant | Bunny Ears: from Bridget’s ill­‐fated fancy dress costume | Silk Cut: 10 of the 22 consumed on New Year’s Eve | All By Myself CD: essential listening for dramatic moping in pyjamas | Granny knickers: handy for holding everything in

Mugatu, Zoolander

Headshots: for the industry’s two greatest models | Piano Key Neck-­tie: Mugatu invented it, don’t you know | Lollipop: essential for hypnotising models | Crazy Pills: for when you feel like no ­one’s been listening to you | Blueprints: fresh from the architects, plans for the Derek Zoolander Centre for Kids Who Can’t Read Good (And Who Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too)

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

Apple laptop: iconic workstation where her weekly columns come to life | Jack of Hearts: a reference to playing card collector and the lover who dumped her by post-it, Jack Berger | Love keyring: the beacon of hope which inspires our protagonist to jump back into her relationship with Big | NARS makeup: Carrie’s favourite brand of makeup | Love Letters of Great Men: essential reading as seen in the Sex And The City Movie | Carrie necklace: Carrie is rarely seen without her iconic personalised Necklace

Don Draper, Mad Men

Brooks Brothers shirt: a stickler for smartness, Don always keeps a spare in the office in case his shirt gets creased while he’s napping | Lucky Strike: Don’s iconic brand and one of Sterling Cooper’s biggest clients | Zippo lighter: a design classic Solid Silver | Cufflinks: for when Don’s not rolling his sleeves up

Murray Hewitt, Flight of the Conchords

New Zealand Poster: all part of the New Zealand Consulate’s grand marketing plan | $4: from the cash box (minus Murray’s commission) | Calculator: for crunching numbers on big time deals | Cassette tape: lighter and more portable than Brett | Murrayland Certificate: part of Murray’s impressive property portfolio | Band meeting agenda: for an orderly band meeting

Eddie Monsoon, Absolutely Fabulous

Bollinger: an essential tool of the PR trade, combine with Stolichnaya for a Stoli-­Bolli if you dare!

Tim Bisley, Spaced

Jaffa Cakes: portable, nutritious, excellent at helping to overcome emotional distress at the end of Star Wars | FHM: featuring Gilian Anderson, sexiest woman in the world 1996 | Portfolio: containing issue one of ‘The Bear,’ along with some unsavoury drawings of the head of Darkstar comics | Jar-­Jar Binks: not available in Fantasy Bazaar | Walkie talkie: essential communication device | Resident Evil 2: best enjoyed during daylight hours