I recently went to Tuscany and had interesting daytime conditions with blue skies and puffy white clouds. When I posted some photos of these beautiful views on Instagram Stories I noticed how almost everyone was saying the scenes looked like the classic Windows XP wallpaper. I already thought of this myself but it was funny to see how everyone acknowledged my thinking. I think I got over 20 people replying to a story saying it looked like the Windows XP screen wallpaper. The Windows XP wallpaper is probably one of the most iconic wallpapers (if not the most) for people from my generation. I, therefore, made a series of 10 beautiful photos that make you go back in time.

Some background info on these nature photography shots. Most were shot with longer focal lengths with my Sony A7R2 and 70-300 G lens. In a lot of photos, a CPL was used the get richer sky and grass tones. The Tuscany hills in Italy are great for this kind of photo as the greens come out really great during days with blue skies and nice clouds. The clouds give shadows that make certain patterns on the hills that give the images a dynamic feel.

Last but not least, if Apple or Microsoft are seeing this: feel free to drop me an email for an upcoming OS and we’ll talk! Let’s bring back the green grass and the puffy clouds!

Now for everyone that wants these beautiful nature images as wallpapers, you can sign up for my newsletter on my website. I’ll be sending out the high-resolution versions for wallpaper later this month!

I attached the Windows XP Wallpaper as the first image as a tool of comparison.

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Classic Windows XP Wallpaper

Shot randomly in Tuscany, showing great similarities with the classic Windows XP Wallpaper