I swear, it really is a cake! Scroll down for my proof. I’ve always wanted to make a roasted turkey cake on my YouTube channel, a tutorial ‘How To Cake It’, and since the holiday season is approaching, I have a perfect chance!

I wanted to make a turkey cake that was realistic enough that you would be really expecting it to taste like meat. My not-so-secret passion is making faux food cakes (cake that looks like other food). My theory is that if you have a cake that looks like main dish, then you still get to have a cake that looks like cake for dessert. :)

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The finished turkey. Look at that glistening, roasty skin…

Stack layers of vanilla cake sideways

Carve it into a turkey shape. Don’t forget the wings!

Drape with coloured fondant. No one wants a naked turkey…

Press with shelf liners (seriously) to get that turkey skin texture

Paint on that roasted skin colour. It’ll take some layering

Dust sporadically with cocoa powder. Especially the parts that get crispy in the oven

No turkey is complete without stuffing – poundcake stuffing!

Carve and serve! Happy Holidays everyone!