I have a friend who came out as trans a couple days ago, and I want her to feel supportive without being obnoxious about it. Any ideas?


Knowing that I'm not alone.


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1 year ago

This hits different


Being respected by everyone (using my pronouns, name, etc) and them understanding me



Answering to your particular situation, it really depends. Some LGTBQ people I know like it when people focus on their coming out, while others prefer that people ignore it or don't give it much meaning. A good telltale sign between the two is to know if the person is introverted or outgoing. Then you can try to tailor your approach that way. From my experience, it's a 50-50 thing.



Being around my LGBTQ+ friends


Sorsha Puckett
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8 months ago

Yes 100%!

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Being around my friend who is a straight girl but supportive (she’s so sweet)


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I've mentioned her on another post, but my platonic girlfriend shows her support with little things, like movie nights, or just making me feel happy when I'm feeling particularly dysphoric.
I'll add some links in the comments that will help.