The Universal Declaration of Human Rights turned 71 on December 10th, 2019. I am into Human Rights because already as a little child I wondered which problem we have to solve first: environmental problems or wars.

I always thought that we have to make peace and care for each other to be free to care for our beautiful planet A. I learned really late about The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I am surprised that Human Rights are already “so old”- and still we are far from my childhood dream.

This calendar wants to celebrate Human Rights and the countries where Amnesty International was successful in Human rights cases in the last years all over the world.

I learned a lot while making this calendar. And I hope I can spread in this way the knowledge of Human Rights. I also hope to encourage people to stand up for their Human Rights and the Human Rights of others all over the world. We have to know our human rights to claim and protect them.

I put in this Calendar one work of art of each country together with a Human Right. I started with a tile from Syria but you will also find other beautiful things. This calendar is for courageous and loving people.

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North Korea








Calendar Cover with Syria

Calendar April: Peru

Calendar March: Myanmar