At over 5 feet across and over 7 feet long, I created this orchid chandelier out of nothing more then paper and wire. These photos were taken in the Huntington Botanical Library’s gift shop in Pasadena California. The Huntington commissioned my company, Solo Wing Design to create a giant chandelier to be installed in their “All White” section, and in keeping with the botanical theme of the Huntington, I decided to create a chandelier out of orchids. The largest of the flowers measures 3 feet across, graduating down in size to a blossom of 1 foot wide.

Despite its size, the whole piece weights in at less then 10 lbs. Each flower was hand cut and wires places in between the paper layers helped to not only shape the individual flowers but also add realistic veining. The whole chandelier took less then 2 days to complete and was installed at the Huntington after business hours.

Originally, the piece was to be on display for 3 months, but there was such excitement over the chandelier, that it was left installed for nearly half the year. When the chandelier was finally taken down, it was sold to a private art collector in Pasadena. Besides the chandelier the Huntington has since asked me to design decor for their annual LGBT Rose Garden Gala, for which I created a floral step and repeat wall, as well as decor for their Holiday sale, where enormous 3 dimensional ombre glitter covered snowflakes hung in the gardens entry and lined pathways.

To see more of my work, please visit my website at the attached link. Photography provided by Ron Villanueva @ Redlab.

More info:

7′ long paper chandelier

The “all white” room at the Huntington Botanical Library

Orchids graduate from larger to smaller in size

Stark white keeps the emphasis on the shape and style

A sea of orchids

One of the blossoms close up

The light flooded “all white” room