It makes sense to keep your business cards neat & tidy in some kind of case, but the “Nice To Meet You Card Case” by British designer Duncan Shotton is just that little bit more special…

As you open it to access your cards, the action of sliding the cover across the case creates an animation or reveals the words NICE, TO, MEET, YOU, one after the other, via optical illusion.

What makes this moment of theatre so mesmerising is the analog nature of it all. There’s no electronics involved. Just a cleverly arranged graphic (which looks alien-like and unreadable on its own) and a stainless-steel cover with vertical holes etched into it. It really is magical to watch!

The product, including it’s simple gift-packaging, is Made in Japan to a high standard using ABS and stainless-steel, by manufacturers whos regular work includes making robots, medical equipment and products for outer-space!

The project is currently funding on kickstarter, where you can make a pre-order to help this product become a reality. All four designs are shipping in time for Christmas!

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