April Wagner has been making her signature nest series for over 20 years. These amazing pieces are made entirely from glass at epiphany studios in Pontiac, MI. Get a glimpse into a how a nest vase is created in this video montage!

More info: epiphanyglass.com

Nest Vases come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and are incredible decorative pieces that will make a statement wherever they are put on display, whether on their own or holding fresh flowers

Here’s the process: Clear glass is added to a colored base to create an organic, nest-like texture

The clear glass is built up in a zig-zag pattern to continue building up texture and form

Clear glass is added to the bottom to create a base for the vase to rest on

To remove the nest vase from the blow pipe, another pipe called a punty is attached to the bottom of the vessel. With a light tap on the blow pipe the transfer is made and the vase is flipped 180 degrees. This transfer will allow for creating an opening to the mouth of the vessel

After the piece is attached to the punty and flipped, the next step is to create the mouth of the vase. This vase has a wide, low cone-shaped mouth, which is created by inflating and stretching the top of the vase. A tool called a sofietta or puffer is used to blow up the top into a thin bubble once the piece is removed from the blow pipe

After the top is inflated, the vase is completed by opening and shaping the lip with the help of an assistant. Then the vase is placed into the annealer to slowly cool down over the course of several hours

Here is the finished vase!