There are many magical and breathtaking places on the face of the Earth. Also one life is not enough to see them all. But, we can try!

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I love nature and photo trips. Ireland was an old dream for me so I was really glad to be there. I am interested in wildlife, landscapes and Irish city life. The concept was to try to capture the magical atmosphere of Ireland!

We have taken a huge tour around the island. We were in the north, the west and the south. It took us more than 10 days. Although we have spent a lot of time travelling and taking photographs, on the other hand, we saw nothing. I mean, Ireland has thousands of amazing places and secrets what we haven’t seen yet.

These 11 days were an unforgettable adventure for me so I’m sure I will go back as soon as I can.

This series includes many photos, so I hope you will like it!

Special thanks to László Rádl, Miklós Verdes, Tamás Németh, Rezső Erős who show me these breathtaking places!

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#2 Dublin By Night

Dublin By Night


Foxy Lady 7 months ago

City life or a peaceful life? I would always go for the later. Great picture

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