If you have ever travelled with an elderly couple before, you will totally relate to this story. After a lifetime of love together, the smallest of disagreements can become good-natured squabbles. The teasing and fun that many older couples share together is what makes them so cute! Mike Rowe, known for his work on the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs and the CNN series Somebody’s Gotta Do It, has parents just like this. And it turns out, they have begun to become famous in their own right after starring with him in a series of CNN promos, with hilarious results.

The story below is an excerpt of Mike’s trip to Chicago with his parents, which he posted on social media. Reading through it, you might smile knowingly as you think of your own parents or grandparents, and you are pretty much guaranteed to have a chuckle as Mike’s parents argue entertainingly about the need to wear a surgical mask.

Scroll down below to check out the story for yourself, and if you have your own cute elderly couple stories, feel free to share them in the comments!

This is Mike Rowe, known for hosting the series Dirty Jobs amongst other things, with his parents on a flight to Chicago

Mike’s mom was worried about embarrassing him by wearing their surgical masks, but that was only the beginning of the story

Do you have your own cute elderly couple stories? Feel free to share them in the comments!