There are times when you believe that positive thinking will bring good things in your life, and then something happens soon after. I started this small dairy in the plane, on my way home – hoping that my winter vacation would be something marvelous. That night, when everyone was asleep, I could hear the airplane’s engine running and couldn’t control the mess in my head. I wondered about my current life and to bring some order, I started making simple illustrations and wrote my thoughts next to them.

Little that I knew that my trip would be filled with many challenges in my work and personal life: all my clients (6 of them) that were promising to work with me once I was back, turned out were not really ready to commit. It led me to some financial struggles and stress. Then there were lots of drama going on in my personal relationships, which were emotionally draining. Additionally, I had some health issues and had to be on antibiotics for a month – leaving me with no wine to make my sorrows disappear. So, a bunch of positivity brought by the thinking power, right?

After 1.5 months I decided to add new illustrations as a summary of my vacation. To be fair, I guess at some point being positive and hopeful helped me to overcome the struggles. Special thanks to my friend Ruta who sent her handmade sketchbook over for my birthday.

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Everything that I want is in this bag

What do I want?

What do I really, reeeeeally want?

I want to feel careless

I want to travel to Asia once more & this time with someone

I want money not to be an issue

I want my love, my love, my love

I want a doggie

I want my family to have all the members and be happy and harmonious together

I want to sing sometimes

I want miracles sometimes

I want to dance sometimes

It’s been a difficult month

Creative though

But difficult

What to I do now?

I want to move far, far away from home

I want to stop disappointing people close to me


What secret has my childhood drawer kept in the basement?

Where am I going to be in the year from now?

Wow! This sketchbook helped me to go through some serious stuff!