I am Jonas Hallberg, a manager of IKKE EN PIND ApS. I built a Tiny Office, which is intended for people with individual needs and has room for absorption and meditation or for the company’s alternative product presentations and always with the option to site the office in environments that suit the day’s tasks. My Tiny Office attracts attention where it appears and tells a credible story about the company, and I always find myself in new and beautiful surroundings.

The need for mobility and individual solutions is a widespread demand today. Both demands are met with a Tiny office. The Tiny office is a workspace that is tailored to the needs of individual users and can easily be hooked up to a standard passenger car. In a Tiny office, you are surrounded by the things you like, with details that will bring pleasure to your work and make it comfortable.

More info: tinyoffice.dk

My Tiny Office

A Tiny office is made for the artist, author, therapist, professor, advertising expert, organisation or political party, that need individually built mobile environments.

Inside My Tiny Office

The office has an external cladding of wood carefully selected from i.a. the old bathing jetty at Den Permanente in Aarhus. The inside is covered with wallpaper with the same pattern as and manufactured by the same French company that supplied the renovation of Amalienborg.

To keep warm the cart is equipped with the smallest wood-burning stove on the market. It contains a refrigerator, coffee maker and a lot of small storage places. A 4G mobile router provides fast Internet.

I Can Work From Everywhere

Jonas Hallberg, Manager, IKKE EN PIND ApS. and owner of a Tiny Office

Jonas Hallberg has for years been building demanding event initiatives for Smukfest in Skanderborg, Arla, Grundfos, Royal Unibrew etc. in close cooperation with designers and architects. One of the key thoughts behind IKKE EN PIND is the importance of a close collaboration with the customers in the development stage and in the production of the event, and it is this thought that is behind the first Tiny office.