Today I would like to present you Mr. Christos Dimadis, a great photographer and friend, from Grevena, Greece. Photography is one of his hobbies, being in contact with nature is another... Add the gorgeous natural scenery of the area into the mix, and you get some magnificent photos of wild life in nature!

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In this special article, you will see a few of his awesome photos of birds found around Grevena district, the Highlands of Greece. Christos loves to take his time for each shot, allowing his theme to get used to his presence and finally strike a wonderful pose, as you can see in his photos! Along with each photo you can see the name of each bird and some of them are quite rare in our area! He also has great photo collections of butterflies, flowers, mushrooms and all the beautiful elements of nature!

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#1 Alcedo Atthis

Alcedo Atthis


#2 Carduelis Carduelis

Carduelis Carduelis


#3 Carduelis Chloris

Carduelis Chloris


#4 Coracias Garrulus

Coracias Garrulus


#5 Cyanistes Caeruleus

Cyanistes Caeruleus


#6 Dendrocopos Major

Dendrocopos Major


#7 Athene Noctua

Athene Noctua


#8 Carduelis Cannabina

Carduelis Cannabina


#9 Coccothraustes Coccothraustes

Coccothraustes Coccothraustes


#10 Emberiza Cirlus

Emberiza Cirlus