When you think of the game Cards Against Humanity, you may think of all the crude humor, laughs, entertainment, and hilarious pairings that could ensue. Well, this couple took their love of the game to the next level.

Jen and Jimmy had been together for about a year when he got on one knee. He wanted me (Jen’s brother) to be there for their special moment. I was moving across country to Los Angeles the following week and he knew how much it would mean to her if the whole family were there to witness her proposal. We weren’t expecting what came next!

On Christmas Eve, the family was seated around the table playing a game of Cards Against Humanity. In one final round, my sister Jen drew a card that would change her life forever.

A few short months later, she found out she was pregnant! She decided to share the exciting news with Jimmy using the special card game! He was very shocked to draw a “pregnant” card.

Cards Against Humanity now has a special place in our family. You can see the videos below!

The Cards

Very Excited!

The Happy Couple

Proposal And Pregnancy Announcement Video