I am Yann Silba-Loebnitz from France and I love capturing water in motion. I usually create Super Mario characters with a little digital manipulation.

It all started during one event in my city, when I began to observe the behavior of water. The idea came to me instantly – I’m in love with Easter Eggs that I can find in games, movies, etc. I was wondering if it was possible to find them hidden in real life. The first realization was Mario Sunshine and it took me about 3 hours to complete. A few months later on my trip to the Caribbean, I decided to create a second image for the character Yoshi. The initial idea was to make more frosted picture of it. Finally, when coming back from the trip, I decided to make all subsequent images in a few weeks time as I was able to extract more characters from water.

Today, I’m working on a tutorial that will show the methods I have developed to achieve these beautiful images.

More info: studiotamago.deviantart.com

Super Mario Sunshine

Stop, Luigi time !

Peach Syrup

Where is Yoshi : Water Edition

Princess is in another fountain

Liquid Bowser