I made tiny mice from wool that you can keep on your bedside table. When you go to sleep, they will tell you goodnight and snore all night long by your side!

Faces are hand-stitched and please note the long black whiskers! Each mouse has a tiny matchbox bed with a mattress, pillow and sheet with lace.

More info: etsy.com

Olivia The Bunny

Olivia is a wild bunny! She is very sweet and she doesn’t snore.

The Gardener Mouse

This is Otto, the gardener mouse. He loves gardening so much! You can see all of his gardening tools on the matchbox.

Camilla And The Daisies

Camilla always plays: he loves me…he loves me not.

Clara And The Ballet

Clara was born in a theatre and her favourite ballet is the Nutcracker.

The Sleepy Mouse

He lives in pyjamas and snores all day long!