TokTok is an Italian street artist, based in Padova. As you can see, his work is represented by urban rearrengements and interventions in the streets.

By taking ispiration from daily and common situations, objects, venues or by improvising with stuff found in the streets, he creates minimalistic and funny sculptures that bring the observer towards a more ironical vision of the environment.

So through very simple installations and a pinch of provocation, he breaks the typical urban monotony, giving to the situations another meaning. He uses to call these interventions "urban intrusions" because they are made fast and without asking any permission. Check out his previous post right here.

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#1 Urban Egg

Urban Egg

TokTok Report

Luca Oppenheimer 2 years ago

That's egg - scellent!

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#2 Trashor


TokTok Report

Daria B 2 years ago

It's a closed jewelery shop, btw. To add more meaning.

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#3 Venetian Monster

Venetian Monster

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bubamara 2 years ago

Smart one!

#4 Always In A Hurry

Always In A Hurry

TokTok Report

Yvonne Bernal 2 years ago

The true meaning of 'iron deficiency'

#5 Crying Road Signal

Crying Road Signal

TokTok Report

Luis Milian 2 years ago

when you LOL too much.

#6 Website (Under Construction)

Website (Under Construction)

TokTok Report

Yvonne Bernal 2 years ago

Looks like this is the work of Spider Man

#7 The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow

TokTok Report

#8 Untitled


TokTok Report

#9 Just A Help

Just A Help

TokTok Report

#10 Urban Dick

Urban Dick

TokTok Report

Alexis Cope 2 years ago

Should have used blue bags

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