Proving to a big company that they’ve made a mistake often feels like a Sisyphean task. Which is why so many of us don’t even bother and take the L. But not Reddit user pappagall0.

When a storage company attributed an extra item to her upon her return and demanded payment for it, she decided to embrace the absurd, play along, and make them look for the non-existent box.

It took a while before the whole ordeal ended, but now pappagall0 thinks the effort was worth it. So much so that she even told the subreddit ‘Malicious Compliance‘ about what happened. Here’s what she wrote.

This storage company mistakenly attributed an extra non-existent box to one of their clients

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So she decided to play along and make them search for it

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We managed to get in touch with pappagall0 and she was kind enough to give us a bit more context.

“I chose the company because it provided cheap storage,” the Redditor told Bored Panda. “But that was balanced out with higher delivery costs.”

She explained that the company only lets you store items in boxes of their brand.

“I made an order for 4 cardboard boxes, but only received 3. That was the first time the company messed up because instead of paying for storing 4 boxes, I now paid for 7.”

“I was pretty exhausted dealing with them … Realistically, I just thought I would never see the money again because they were not responding to any of my emails, so I’m happy that they’re finally getting around to clearing the backlog since the Queen’s passing,” she said.

However, even though things kinda fell into place in the end, if pappagall0 could do it all again, she would take a different course of action.

“I am not proud at all of the way I handled [the situation], but not really ashamed, it’s just petty behavior that I hope I will never have to do again.”

As the story went viral, the original poster (OP) joined the commenters to discuss it more

Later, the author of the post clarified that the storage company finally paid her back for all the unnecessary fuss

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A survey by ClickFox took a close look at what the repercussions are of a bad customer service experience. While 52 percent of disgruntled customers spout off to family and friends, 32 percent will stop using the company’s services or buying their products if it has wronged them. pappagall0 is one of them.

“I won’t be giving them any new business,” she said, adding “if I could publish the name of it as a warning to others, I would.”

Still, her Reddit post will likely make others warier of the industry, since the aforementioned survey also discovered that when customers take to social media to air their ire, more than 60 percent of consumers are influenced by their comments.

People had a lot to say about the unpleasant situation, and many also shared similar experiences of their own