There are a lot of things that no one tells you about motherhood that you only find out after actually having kids. They tell you it’s tough but gratifying at the same time. They tell you it hurts like hell but how you don’t care about the pain (yeah, right). They even tell you about how sticky and gooey it is and how you won’t also mind about that. But what no one ever mentions is how boring it can get.

What if you finished your chores for the day – or simply don’t feel like doing them – and all the kids are napping? You dive into the Photoshop world, of course! This is the solution this mama came up with and it is freaking awesome.

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#1 You Can’t Ride Happiness But You Can Ride Books And That’s Kind Of The Same Thing

#2 Come To The Dark Side – We Have Cookies

#3 Taxi! Follow That Stork!

#4 Hey There Hot Tea

#5 Fly Me To The Moon And Let Me Play Among The Umbrellas

#6 Those Who Don’t Jump On The Bed Will Never Fly

#7 What Did The Ocean Say To The Pirate? Nothing, It Just Waved

#8 Catching Up With A Deer Old Friend

#9 Love Is In The Air

#10 What Do You Give A Sick Bird? A Tweetment!