On my way to the bus stop, I noticed how people are just stuck with their heads in their phone. I took a few minutes just to enjoy the sun and the first day of spring. Many times we do not notice the little beautiful things that surround us daily.

Enjoy my pictures that I took on my way to the bus stop and a few encouragements.

See the good in the bad situations and never give up on your dreams

Make time to laugh, make time to enjoy the joy of being alive

Be a ladder for others’ success if you are already there

Doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, it matters what come from your mind

Make your own fashion, be yourself, create your own style

Sometimes more than one is better, if you want to create great things in fast mode

Great ideas come in the joy of the sunlight

Be surprised by the little gifts, these are made with love

Be a joy, be a light, be a great friend to all

Learn to get a better version of yourself and you will have success

Nobody is ugly, we all have beauty within, only some do not have the patience to discover it