It’s not a secret that many businesses have been affected by this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic quite a bit. A lot of them were even forced to close down. Though as states relax their social distancing laws, all kinds of businesses try to come up with genius plans and ideas that would help them ensure their clients’ safety and allow them to start offering services again. Inspire South Bay Fitness gym is a very interesting example of that. Recently this particular gym located in Redondo Beach reopened and presented their new individual workout pods to keep those exercising safe and help control the spread of coronavirus. A truly novel idea to say the least. And people seem to have all different kinds of opinions about this whole thing…

Welcome to the future y’all!

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There are overall nine of these individual pods and each of them is made out of shower curtains and pipes. These pods are ten feet tall and about six feet wide and come equipped with dumbbells and a bench. “It took us about 3 days to build our pods,” wrote the owner of the gym named Peet Sapsin under his Instagram post announcing the news.

Looks quite bizarre, right?

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“We will have our sanitation and social distancing protocols in place when gyms are allowed to reopen. Our class capacity will be limited but we will get creative with our program. No matter what, we’ve got your back,” ensures the owner.

Even though the gym is ready to reopen, they will still be offering online classes to those who are not ready to leave their homes yet. “We will also continue to host ZOOM classes until we have a vaccination. This effort is to accommodate our members who prefer to stay at home but still get a good workout if they are not ready to come back in person,” wrote the owner.

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Besides, there are a few strict rules you must follow when you come to this gym. First of all, you have to maintain a 6 feet distance from other people while waiting outside. There are X signs on the ground to help people with that.

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Secondly, you must use hand sanitizer when you come in.

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After that, someone from the stuff measures your temperature to ensure that you’re not sick.

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Inside the pod, clients will find sanitizing wipes and a place to put their face masks and other belongings. The owner Peet Sapsin asks people to make sure they clean everything up after they’re done working out with the wipes provided.

Image credits: INSPIRE SOUTH BAY

Some people seemed to love this idea

While others—well, not so much