Despite all the darkness and cold that at least one half of the globe has to put up with in winter, there’s plenty of nice things about it, too. Just think of Christmas, gingerbread cookies, fireplaces,  sledging and so much more! Moscow-based photographer Andrew Osokin also can help you think of one more thing – snow, and to be more precise – snowflakes. You think the shapes we’ve been cutting out of paper since we were kids is an accident?

Thanks to Andrei’s macro photographs, we get to see the gorgeous and delicate fragility of snowflakes from a very close proximity. Their perfectly symmetrical shape has to be just one more of the wonders of nature. One can only wonder how much patience Andrei has to have in order to capture such amazing shots before the glass-like snowflakes melt. Take a look at how beautifully they’re immortalized in these shots!

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