Paul Jackson, a British artist, based in Toronto, creates stunningly detailed and dark drawings using pen-and-pencil of various animals with their skeletons and sometimes organs lifting out of their bodies. By treating them with respect, the black and white pictures of their insides look more like mystical anatomy lessons than roadkill. Incredibly detailed, these skeleton drawings show his astonishing skill and meticulousness.

Jackson started his animal drawings when he was 5 and always thought that this was what he’d do for the rest of his life. Though he toured with a band for eight years, it seems like this just might end up being true!

You can find more of Jackson’s works on his Instagram; the animal skeletons are not the only theme in his cool drawings as he likes to explore portraits and even satirical topics. Now scroll down below for our picks of his cool drawings.

More info: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Cartel (h/t: demilked)