So you want to look great in your photos, but after years of taking grim, mug-shot passport photos, you’ve forgotten how to smile. Fear not! Ohio-based photographer Jodee Ball recommends these six tips to transform your photos from police-station photo-lineups into stylish, magazine covers.

First, strike a carefree pose. Shake that guilt out of your shoulders! Second, turn your body three quarters away from the camera; this will make you harder to identify if you are in a police-lineup. Third, lower-yours hands. You’re not being held-up, after all. Fourth, lower your shoulders and fifth, bend your knee. Finally, tilt your head slightly, and voila, you’re a model!

More info: (h/t: designyoutrust)

Strike a carefree pose

Turn your body away from the camera by about three quarters

Be careful with your hands

Lower your shoulders

Bend your knee

Tilt your head slightly