We are two triplet sisters(Emilie Hamn and Madeleine Hamn) that. Are from a place called Eikefjord in Norway, but the last years we have been study music and health and social care on Firda secondary school at Sandane, and theres when our Photo interests started. My sister Emilie is the one who takes the photos, and I am the one who is the musician and model in our photos.

– My sister Emilie recieved her first camera when she was 14 and she quickly got interested in taking photos.

– We use to collaborate on the images to take. By linking together the art of photography and the magic of music, we feel that we are ready to create something new and different.A separate creative expression. We get a lot of ideas and thoughts from nature. There we can let our feelings free, and tell our story through image. Emilie stands for editing and ideas, while I stand by feelings related to music. Music has always been a big part of my life and its a big part of who I am as a person.

-The aim is that several will see our pictures. We wish to show others our work and what we stand for, and hope we can inspire others to believe in them selves and dare to be different. The response we get at the images highly regarded us motivation to carry on. But it is also probably not an occupation for us. Taking photos for us, is a way of telling people our story and dare to be who we are.

We put our photos on our instagram accounts @birdmadeleine and @artphotographer17!