When a homeless person brought Riley the dog to the shelter, staff members came up with a brilliant idea to help the canine get adopted – they taught her to smile. “My kennel technician, Britney Ridge, fell in love with her personality and for whatever reason thought that Riley was one of those dogs that could smile,” Gina Knepp of Front Street Animal Shelter told The Dodo. “So every day during feeding and cleaning, they would talk to each other.”

This sweet 2-year-old girl is not only super social and friendly towards everyone she meets, it also turned out she was smart and easy to train. And did we mention Riley has a million-dollar smile? It’s all captured on camera: “Britney whipped out her phone to capture that quirky sweet smile and magic happened,” Knepp said.

“Riley is one of over 10,000 animals that will come to our shelter this year. It’s hard work finding homes for so many pets, but Riley made it a bit easier by brightening our day and making us laugh with her smiling face!,” FSAS spokesperson told Bored Panda.

We really hope that Riley’s smile will help her conquer the hearts of potential owners and that soon she will find a loving forever home. Meanwhile, if you’re wondering how the hell you teach your doggo to smile, experts say it’s like teaching any other command. A good place to start is to get some treats ready, then follow the link here.

Update: Riley was adopted several days after her video went viral.

More info: Front Street Animal Shelter | Facebook (h/t: thedodo)

To help Riley the shelter dog get adopted, staff members came up with a brilliant idea…

They put in a bit of effort, and taught her how to smile!

Watch the video here: