We’re Jiri and Josipa, a couple currently living in Plzen, Czech Republic and we’d like to share our lamps with you. We are trying to achieve a beautiful atmospheric feeling in the room, by adding a complex sculpture into it. During the day, it sits like a mysterious object in its place, engraved with intricate lines. In the evening, it shows its true magic: a game of light and shadow playfully drawn along the walls, projected from a beacon of light.

We tried and built a laser cutter ourselves. It took Jiri couple of months to order all the pieces and build the machine. It was sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating, but an overall educative process. In the meantime, we experimented with different light sources and bulbs. Our first lamp did not project silhouettes. We came to them with time.

In late summer last year, the laser cutter was fully functional and we had our first improved tree of life lamp ready to share with friends. Until today, we managed to create several more designs, and further improve the initial ones. Our first series is united by tree of life theme, and our second series is about geometry and symbols. Third one is yet to come, so stay tuned!

More info: etsy.com